Our Methodology

Impact Research is involved in all the steps of the CONSUMER CYCLE. We have developed tools to understand how the consumer LIVES, how he ACTS and how he PERCEIVES.


Based on anthropological and ethnographical techniques, our NOMAD Safari and NOMAD Satellite tools permit us to observe consumers in their “natural” habitat. It’s an approach that we have used to great success in over a dozen countries throughout the world.


We believe that the best way to understand a behavior is to observe it. To this end, we employ techniques derived from neuroscience. Our NEUREMTN tool permits us to measure the impact of stimuli on behavior.


For over 25 years, the Dominance-Convergence tool has enabled us to create a perceptual map of the media struggle in a specific category. It’s a strategic research tool that measures the contribution of different aspects of communication in growth or the maintenance of different aspects of the market of a brand and its competitors. Thanks to this tool, we have helped clients save almost 2 million dollars in media spending.


Our independent structure enables us to work both with clients of V7 International and to offer our services directly to external clients, without conflict of interest, in various theatres: from Quebec and the rest of Canada to the United States or elsewhere in the world, we offer our quality services.

Our structure allows Impact Research to accompany a client and their brand during the entire creation process or even ad hoc at a pivotal stage.

Impact has conducted research and consulting engagements for companies and organizations such as McDonald’s Owners / Operators of the Chicago metropolitan area and Northwest Indiana, Perfetti Van Melle, Exceldor, Roche Diagnostics, Amarula, Habitat for Humanity and Telus.

Our Projects